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Derniere Marshall Mindset Coaching, LLC

It's Never Too Late To Transform Your Life!

Are you tired of delaying your dreams?
Are you dissatisfied with an area of your life that is no longer working for you?
Do you think you are too old to develop your talents & gifts?
Do you believe everyone else gets the breaks while you struggle?

It doesn’t have to be like this anymore. Help is on the way!
Have you heard of Belief Coding®️?



Derniere Marshall Mindset Coaching, LLC

works with you to fuel your dreams and enhance

all areas of your life by listening to you and questioning

your persistent thoughts and limiting beliefs,

endlessly running in the background,

unknowingly affecting all areas of your life.


These beliefs can be about anything

from your appearance to your intelligence,

to your worthiness and to your ability to succeed.

They are so deeply ingrained that you are not even aware

these beliefs are blocking your success and

more than likely, they are not even yours.

They can be ancestral, cultural or religious beliefs

you've accepted as your own.

Your dreams are the fuel that drives you forward.

They give meaning to your life. What else is there?

But what happens when you let them slip away?

How do you really feel inside?

Where does that feeling land in your body? 

What happens when you begin to listen to the dream stealers?

Do you dismiss your passion and tell yourself

"This is stupid, who am I to want more?"

 "My dream is too big and my bank account is so small."

"I am too fat, too young, too old. I don't have the education."

"I am not good enough. People will laugh."


Do I Ever Question Myself?

Hell Yes!

Sometimes the fear pops up and asks 

"Who starts a business at 76?"

"Aren't you too old?"

"What will people say?"

"How much time do you have?"

"Can you be successful this time?"


You begin to shrink within your own life,

taking up less space, waiting for permission to exhale.


Let me tell you becoming invisible does not protect

you from judgment or aging.



Our failures contribute to our success.

They are lessons testing our mettle, helping us grow

within a larger container and it helps to have an ally,

a guide who has travelled a similar road and found confidence

and the belief that I am worthy of living a life

beyond my wildest imagination!

My answer is "I don't know the future."

But I do know what it's like to be controlled by fear, every

waking moment, and to live with regret and haunted

by things unsaid and dreams unrealized.

Those feelings don't run my life anymore.

And when another birthday rolls around, I will be a year older

anyhow, whether I live a life that others find acceptable

or bravely live the life I choose. 

 I want to live a passionate life and help others

in the process for as long as I am here!

 To hell with those who judge me.

If they weren't there to pick me up the many times I fell,

they don't get to say how I should live my life now! 

Their opinions. Just. Don't. Count.


 My coaching is not limited to affirmations

or positive thinking.

The emphasis is connecting your mind, body and spirit. 

 No one knows you better than you

and when all parts of you are present you become

a force of nature.

This is accomplished through a daily, gentle Yoga practice

or stretching combining breathwork, journaling, gratitude,

prayer and meditation to get centered and prepared

for whatever the day brings.

 EFT 'tapping' is also included for self-regulation.

When you have and utilize the right tools,

reclaiming your power becomes as natural as breathing.

Because we all have limited beliefs, I offer Belief Coding® 

to begin the energetic self-healing process. 

         Belief Coding®, developed by Jessica Cunningham, UK

nearly 3 years ago, is based upon Neuroscience,

Eastern energetic modalities such as EFT, CBT,

Elements of spiritual psychology, NLP and meditation

to work directly with your subconscious;

safely identifying the most dominant emotion connected

with your discomfort, locating its origin, and often

the lifetime when it all began.

Once identified and understood, these negative beliefs

can be released and replaced with powerful new beliefs of your choosing. 

Belief Coding® is not therapy. You do the work.

Unlike talk-therapy and self-help programs, it gets to the origin

of your discomfort quicker, often in 2-3 sessions.

Best of all, there is no need to retell your stories and become

overwhelmed by them.

This gentle process is self-led by your memory without

the emotional charge or triggers.

As an Accredited Facilitator I guide the process.


Belief Coding® is not for everyone. Nothing is!

     The discovery call will allow us the opportunity to see if your discomfort is within my scope of practice.

Many of my clients also have regular sessions with therapists.

I encourage you to speak to your providers.


Mindset therapy is not intended to substitute for medical or psychological care.


Challenging and overcoming your limiting beliefs takes effort

and a willingness to step out of your comfort zone.

But it's worth it!

From the very first session, regardless of your discomfort,

you gain a new self-confidence as old worn-out beliefs,

 and behavior patterns shift as you open up

to a new understanding of your life.

354596930_215489341421894_7363236191248391658_n(2) (1).jpg

 Let me ask you

  How long have you been living with this issue?   

 How much time and money have you already invested

in talk-therapy, self-help programs or other healing modalities?

If they have worked somewhat, let's build upon that.

       If you have tried it all and nothing worked,

what have you to lose?

 If you are ready to overcome and release

your self-sabotaging beliefs

 If you are ready to live an empowered, meaningful life, 

If you are curious as to how working with Dee

can benefit your entire life.

What are you waiting for?


I am only a click away.

Let's schedule a 30-minute complementary discovery call.

Bring your questions and concerns and then decide.

Mindset Coaching with Belief Coding® has helped so many to

unlock and open the door to the life you've dreamed of. 


I am so excited to show you how!

 What We Offer

Personalized Coaching

Coaching, whether focused on mindset, physical and emotional wellbeing, or personal development, is a collaborative and goal-oriented process that involves Derniere working with an individual who is ready to unlock their full potential and improve various aspects of their life. She helps clients identify their values, goals, feelings, and limiting beliefs and guides them in developing a more positive, confident and growth-oriented mindset. Through effective questioning, feedback, and tailored strategies, Dee empowers clients to overcome obstacles, build resilience, creating a sustainable foundation of personal and professional success while enhancing overall well-being and life satisfaction to have a life worth living.

Why Choose Derniere Marshall Mindset Coaching?

As a Mindset Coach, my sessions are personalized and I generally work online with clients across Europe and the US. Beginning with the most dominant emotion, relating to physical pain or emotional trauma, using holistic methods such as EFT, Breathwork and Belief Coding®️,  I guide you to identify and release the barriers of  hidden beliefs to be replaced with new, encoded beliefs so from the first session, you feel empowered and confident to rapidly move forward in all areas of your life. 


Discover Belief Coding®️

Belief Coding®️ is not therapy. It is a self-healing, holistic approach that combines current neuroscience research with Eastern healing methods and energetic modalities to promote personal growth and well-being. It draws from both the scientific understanding of the brain and the wisdom of Eastern practices to help individuals examine, then rewire their beliefs and thought patterns for positive transformation.

We all have inner wisdom, Belief Coding® allows us to tap into it on a deeper level. You do the work; I facilitate the process.

Belief Coding Derniere Marshall Mindset Coaching

How Our Coaching Programs Can Change Your Life

Helps you achieve optimal health and wellness

Our coaching programs use holistic methods by first uniting the mind with the body through the breath along with gentle stretching to release physical tension and prepare the body to settle down, and relax. 

From this state of relaxation, we can use EFT, (Tapping), Breathwork, and/or Belief Coding® to help you overcome physical pain and emotional trauma, effectively allowing you to achieve optimal health and wellness .

Reduces anxiety & depression

Whether it's dealing with abuse, struggling with weight, facing money blocks, seeking career advancement, coping with pain, or recovering from relationship breakups, the transformation occurs through a profound spiritual awakening and a deep well of compassion for the past.

Improves sleep quality

Our coaching programs can help you achieve better sleep quality by addressing  your underlying causes of sleep disturbances.

Natural Healing
"Do not take that gift of hope lightly. It has the power to conquer despair in the midst of sorrow, to light the darkness in the valleys of life, to whisper "One More Time" in the face of failure. Hope is what gives life to dreams, making the fairy tale the reality."
L.R. Knost

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